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A Foodie Goes to Lincoln, NE

What does a foodie mom do when she takes her son to a TaeKwonDo tournament? … she watches her son compete, then makes sure he has everything he needs and while he is busy judging, she sneaks out of the tournament, has a nice lunch, takes a few pics, then goes back to join all our friends at the tournament. Come along … I’ll show you … well just the “lunch” part … that’s what you wanted to see anyway, right?

First, I had to run back to the hotel to check out. This bike sculpture was just in front of our hotel. Isn’t it cool?

This fun bike sculpture was in front of our hotel

There are still flowers blooming in Lincoln! In November!

There are still flowers blooming in Lincoln!

I love this purple one …

A gorgeous purple flower blooming

I wanted to eat at “The Dish”, but it’s not open for lunch on Saturdays (Boo!) … so I found the Blue Orchid, a pretty little Thai place not too far away …

The Blue Orchid Restaurant in Lincoln NE

When you walk in, this is what you see: green walls, white tablecloths, blue glass, silver pitchers and real flowers on every table.

The Blue Orchid in Lincoln NE

This one’s my table:

The Blue Orchid, Lincoln, NE

I ordered the Yellow Curry with Chicken. The lighting was not the best for the picture, but the taste was divine:

Yellow Chicken Curry at Blue Orchid Restaurant, Lincoln, NE

And I found a beautiful tree on the way back to the tournament:

Tree of beauty

The clouds were spectacular today too … see them peeking out behind the tree?

Tree with Clouds

My whole day was gorgeous, but now I’m home and I’m exhausted! Goodnight my friends.


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